Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pre-Mission Comments

We are twelve days prior to leaving for the second Thailand Mission. The city we will bring the gift of sight to is Chachoengsao, about 80 kilometers from Bangkok. We are observing the political unrest in Bangkok very closely to make a very confident and informed decision on travel into that region. In the mean time please visit the Thailand Mission team page at and please consider a donation in the name of this mission. The Thailand Mission team has taken on a fundraising goal of $10,000 and we have reached just 32% of our goal thus far! Your donations are the fuel behind Gift of Sight missions all over the world. Today's donations will bring eye wear to those in need in months to come.
Thank you

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M Ross Sherwood said...

Well it is the eve of my first Give the Gift of Sight mission and it is 1:45am and I just finsihed packing...I am looking forward to meeting the team and more impportantly I am looking forward to meeting the people we will encounter...