Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008, Thursday at clinic

Steve Stockton, Mission Manager wrote:
"Lots of children today, yea!! All smiling, having a good time!"

Randy Rushton, Production Leader, dispensed a beautiful pair of glasses in perfect condition to a lady with a -20.0 prespcription. Wow, was she every happy! A minus 20 that is uncorrected was explained by a doctor as seeing only blured colors and shadows. Imagine having gone through many years without seeing clearly until receiving those glasses.

It's day two of clinic and the team has been amazing despite 85% humidity. Everyone is willing and happy to help out anyone they can!

Communication between such different languages is difficult, but in this "land of many smiles" I am reminded that a smile translates into any language. When we Wai (bowing of the head with hands folded prayer style) the message "you are appreciated," is clear. I danced with a little angel Tuesday night at the welcome reception, in her costume of glittering gold and was captivated by how expressive they are with their hands. My goal in coming half way around the world is to use my hands, too, to show care and bring hope. Michelle Fowler, CSC- Eyemed

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