Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27, 2008 Saturday Clinic and GOS Auction

We had another extremely busy day on Saturday with 3300 people helped at clinic and we are steadily approaching our goal of 25,000. In the evening we had dinner and held a silent auction amongst our team to raise money for GOS. We have decided to donate the cash proceeds right here in Thailand to help pay for artificial lenses and care materials to the health ministry so referrals from this mission will get the needed operations. There are many people that have cataracts and other diseases of the eye that blocks their vision and they can not be helped by glasses. I saw one 13 year old girl who was completely blind at the auto refractors. She is one who will need this type of care. We raised over $2200 US to donate to this type of care. Credit and check proceeds will go to the GOS for future mission. Above are a couple of photos from the clinic.
Sunday we will be taking the day to visit Bangkok where we will see the Royal Palace and visit some of the markets.

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